Company profile

AD Engineering was founded in 1981 by Aldo Descrovi, who is to this day, the general manager of the company. The company has since evolved, distinguishing itself for its high quality design and production standards, as well as for its personalized customer service.

AD can offer a wide range of specialized products, developing in house mechanical 3D design, mechanical and electronic hardware and software. Testing equipment include: various types of machines for testing the helmets of every kind (sports and safety), devices for testing PPI ( masks, goggles, every kind of body protectors, fall arrest gears and so on), machines for optical and mechanical tests on protection lenses and sunglasses, performance machines for testing sports items (Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Ski, Sporting Shoes, Gloves, Snowboards, Bicycles and other items), machine for paper converting, artillery fuses test equipment (for military use), travel bag tests (hard/soft shell suitcases), wind tunnels and other industrial plants.

Presently AD produces more than 300 different machines, accessories and testing items. The production of most AD products is done on a custom basis. Most of equipment, when required, complies with international standards.