1018 CBT_SN 1002 Accessories for Snell 2010 chin bar test

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Accessories for Snell 2010 chin bar test

Technical features: 

  • Single column steel frame made by square welded steel pipes 120X120X5 mm. painted;
  • Steel base 30 mm thickness zinc plated;
  • Adjustable base by means of 14 grub screw ( 16mm ) to get the vertical position;
  • Frame fixed to the base by means of 8 bolts , thread 16mm;
  • Main base made by steel box with concrete weighing 800 Kg around;
  • Max drop height 3,2 meters ( or more without any surcharge );
  • Two wires driving system with 3 mm. diameter , C70 steel cables with tightening system actuated with flat springs;
  • Aluminium protection cage , up to height of 2,2 meters made by 40X40 Alu Item Profiles  with polycarbonate transparent 3 mm thickness panels;
  • Steel and concrete base dim. mm. 860 X 860 X 600 weighting 800 Kg around;
  • Automatic operated protection doors , frame made by aluminium ( with two pneumatic cylinders ) with transparent polycarbonate protection sheets;
  • Lift  carriage made by Ergal 70 and steel , with automatic releasing system , compressed air operated , electro valve , limit switches actuated with IR photocells;
  • Automatic hooking system of the drop carriage , during the descent;
  • Twin wires drop carriage , made by Ergal 70 , CNC tooling with flat impactor.Total mass 5Kg;
  • Fully adjustable helmet holder with belt avoiding helmet rotation;
  • Chin guard of helmet deformation measured using needle on wax;
  • Electric winch with pulley-belt system and encoder to be driven with inverter technology;
  • Complete electric power plant;
  • Complete pneumatic plant;
  • Speed control device with high frequency infrared photocell and laser diode emitter , gap 80 mm;
  • Transducer's cable with plugs;
  • Mechanical parts finishing : anodized and zinc plated;
  • Input and output connections , to DLS or other driving devices , by means of 24 poles single plug;
  • Mechanical parts finishing : zinc plated;
  • Overall dimensions without base  mm . 820 x820 x 5200; 
  • Weight 230 kg without base.