1031A CAR 1190/M/STD - Monorail drop carriage

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Monorail drop carriage, Ergal made, driving with wheels and ball bearings, 2,75” ball joint with clamp (spare part or accessory)  for MAU 1006/1005 STD series.

Technical features: 

  • Side plates made by anodized dural  Ergal 70 water jet cut;
  • Ball joint ( std diameter 2,75” ) with arm , fixed to plate by means of 12 5M screws;
  • Site for accelerometer accommodation in the center of the ball joint;
  • Clamp made by Ergal 70 in one part . ( clamp in two parts easily interchangeable available with surcharge );
  • Driving system with 4 low friction nylon wheels , adjustable in the gap when coupled to the rail , with high speed ball bearings;
  • Blades for speed measurement ad automatic stop included;
  • Holder for accelerometer cable with left or right exit;
  • Optimized centre of gravity according to the standards requirements;
  • Weight of the complete drop carriage Kg. 1.650;
  • Weight of the  drop carriage frame g. 800.