1050A MPV 1005/R - Rail guided penetration test equipment

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Rail guided penetration test equipment for ECE 22/05 visor test only, small frame made by Aluminium , PU resin headform included, electromagnetic drop release system,lift by hand

Technical features: 

  • Frame made by 40X40 and 40X80 Aluminium Item profiles an aluminium base;
  • The drop carriage is driven by the aluminium profiles by means of nylon guides fixed to the drop carriage;
  • Max drop height: 1,5 meters;
  • Steel drop carriage, with punch 3 kg weight;
  • Cone point 300 grams mass to penetrate  the helmet visor , cone radius 0,5 mm, angle 60° hardness between 45 and 60 HRC , according to the required standard;
  • Lift carriage, hand operated, with reference to a tape meter fixed outside ( version with electric motor also available );
  • Headform holder made by aluminium adjustable in the 4 directions ( up down-left – right );
  • Polyurethane resin  headform supplied with size at choice of the customer;
  • Automatic releasing system, 24 V electromagnet operated;
  • Overall dimensions without base  mm. 800 x 700 x 2100;
  • Weight 85 kg.