1069 MSD 1009/E/ALU - Dynamic chin strap test equipment

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Dynamic chin strap test equipment, hooked shell method, aluminium 3 columns frame, automatic pneumatic lift device and drop release , one full headform supplied ,suitable for standards  ECE 22/05 , JIS 8133 07, EN 1077,EN 1078 and some other EN.

Technical features: 

  • Frame made by 80 x40 and 40 X 40 Aluminium Item profiles supporting an adjustable holder for  the headform;
  • Steel bar 20 mm diameter chromium plated total mass of 7 Kg and 10 Kg drop weight;
  • Automatic system for recovering of drop mass after the shock , by means of pneumatic cylinder;
  • Automatic releasing system of the weight by means of n. 2 pneumatic cylinders,
  • Series of accessories for fixing the helmet in the ECE test including fork with fast opening pivot , ring for headform fixation on the bottom.Upper holder for helmet hooking including thread for fast chin strap tightening;
  • One resin headforms  of size at your choice for ECE test;
  • Pneumatic complete circuit with 5 ways manual valve ( lift system ) and 3 ways manual valve for load releasing;
  • Recording system through a needle on wax (LVDT electronic system are also available);
  • All parts not painted are zinc plated;
  • Weight 70 Kg.

Dimensions mm 600 X 600 x 1800.