1095 PCB 353/B17-3D - Set of 3 accelerometer

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Set of 3 accelerometer, full scale 500 g, mounting on triaxial support, single screw fixing system, cable plug and protection hose included.

Equipment features : 

  • Triple axis transducer composed as follows;
  • N. 3  PCB353/B17 accelerometers;
  • Full scale: 500 g;
  • Maximum acceleration without damage: 10.000 g;
  • Low mass: 5 grams, shear construction;
  • Charge converter with mos-fet transistor already built in;
  • Power supply required: 22V – 30 V;
  • Assembling device made by Ergal 70, with only one screw to fix the block to the head;
  • Total mass with 3 transducers installed: 20 grams;
  • Complete cable 1,5 m length;
  • Protection cable made of polyester cover;
  • Main protection cable made of rubber hose;
  • Connection to the drop carriage by means of 5 poles magnesium Cannon plug;
  • Cable section from carriage to the data logging system also available ( 7 meters protected by polyester cover ).