1141 ROL 1103/ECE/EN - Roll off test equipment

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Roll off test equipment, frame made by steel , lift of drop mass hand operated, full PU resin headform on any size at choice included.

Technical features: 

  • Frame made of square  100 X 100 and 30X30X3 painted steel tubes;
  • Preload of 3 Kg actuated through a bar with steel disc arrest;
  • Drop mass of 10 Kg made by steel zinc plated with knobs for lift;
  • Release of the drop mass hand actuated using two clamps;
  • Lift of the drop mass operated by hand;
  • Adjustable drop height up to 70 cm;
  • Marking at different distances of 50 , 25 and 15 cm for different drop height test;
  • PU resin headform  supplied of any size at choice of the customer;
  • Helmet rotation measured with electronic angle finder;
  • Additional plates supplied in order to respect the distance of 25 mm from the neck of the headforms of different sizes;
  • Weight Kg 55.