1004 MAU 1026_2W_COMBO - Twin wires shock absorption test equipment

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Twin wires shock  absorption test  equipment, combined guided drop head and free fall drop head method,  base and electric plant included, steel single column frame . 

Technical features: 

  • Equipment suitable for testing according to the following standards ; ECE 22/05 , most of the EN with free fall head test system , AS , CPSC , JIS ,SNELL ,IS;
  • Single column steel frame made by square welded steel pipes 120X120X5 mm. painted;
  • Steel base 30 mm thickness zinc plated;
  • Adjustable base by means of 14 grub screw ( 16mm ) to get the vertical position;
  • Frame fixed to the base by means of 8 bolts , thread 16mm;
  • Max drop height 3.5 meters ( speed 8,4 m/sec );
  • Two wires driving system with 3 mm. diameter , C70 steel cables with tightening system actuated with flat springs;
  • Aluminium protection cage , up to height of 2,2 meters made by 40X40 Alu Item Profiles  with polycarbonate transparent 3 mm thickness  panels;
  • Steel and concrete base dim. mm. 860 X 860 X 600 weighting 800 Kg around;
  • Automatic operated protection doors ,with frame made by aluminium ( with two pneumatic cylinders ) with transparent polycarbonate protection sheets;
  • Double pneumatic cylinder actuated  brake , to be used for drop carriage deceleration after the impact , with adjustable force by means of pressure gauge and pneumatic circuit;
  • Lift  carriage made by water jet cut  Ergal 70 side plates and steel , with automatic releasing system . Two release system are provided : for ECE/EN the release is actuated using N.2 high force magnets ,  for other tests the release is actuated using a pneumatic cylinder and hook , driven by electrovalve;
  • Limit switches on descent and lift in order to stop the lift carriage in the stroke actuated with two IR photocells;
  • Automatic hooking system of the drop carriages , during the descent;
  • Two carriages supplied;
  • Drop carriage for free fall head method made by Ergal 70 ( water jet cut and anodized )  with 4 driving guides and 8 soft rubber balls for helmet positioning;
  • Drop carriage for guided head method  made by high hardness Ergal 70 CNC tooled , with ball joint ( std diameter 2,75” ) and clamp. Weight of the complete drop carriage Kg. 1.650.  Weight of the  drop carriage frame g. 800;
  • Anvils holders made by steel;
  • Laser pointer inside the anvils holder , to track the right point of impact on helmets;
  • 4 anvils supplied;
  • Hemispherical 48 mm radius;
  • Hemispherical 50 mm radius;
  • Flat  130 mm diam;
  • Edge 6,3 mm X 180 mm;
  • Electric motor with winch with pulley,belt and encoder to be driven with inverter ,Hitachi brand installed on board of the machine;
  • Complete electric power plant installed inside the steel frame and hidden. A connection box is provided at the bottom of the test rig with a 24 poles plug and inverter inside;
  • Complete pneumatic plant;
  • Speed control device with high frequency infrared photocell and laser diode emitter ( 80 mm width  special model made by AD Engineering ).Commuting frequency up to 100Khz;
  • Transducer's cable with plugs for both drop carriages with 25 poles D type plug connector;
  • Additional connector for free fall head drop carriage ( the head with accelerometers can be removed from the drop carriage )  with 5 poles magnesium Cannon type connector;
  • Mechanical parts finishing :  anodized  and zinc plated;
  • Input and output connections , to DLS or other driving devices , by means of 24 poles single plug;
  • Max drop carriage speed 8 m/sec;
  • Overall dimensions without base  mm . 820 x820 x 5200;
  • Weight 270 kg without base.