1011MAU 1002/2W/ALU/SF Twin wires shock absorption test equipment

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Twin wires shock  absorption test equipment, guided drop mass method,  base and electric plant included, door opening by hand , double side column aluminim 4 meters frame (EN397-EN812)

Equipment features : 

  • Lattice frame made by square aluminium Item profiles mm 120 X 80 and 80 X 40;
  • Steel base 30 mm thickness , zinc plated and fixed to frame by means of screws;
  • Main base made of a steel box with concrete weighting 700 Kg;
  • Max drop height: 2.5 meters (speed 7 m/sec );
  • Two wires driving system with 4 mm. diameter C70 steel cables with tightening system. , using spring for constant wires tension;
  • Adjustable base through 14 grub screw (16 mm) to get vertical position;
  • Frame fixed to the base by 8 bolts, thread 16mm;
  • Automatic opening protection door actuated by two pneumatic cylinders, with transparent polycarbonate sheet and side protection made by polycarbonate 3 mm sheets (manual door are available). Safety switches avoid drop when doors are open;
  • Lift  carriage made by water-jet cut Ergal 70 plates , with automatic releasing system, compressed air operated ( two cilynders ) , with electro valve and limit switches with photocells;
  • Automatic drop carriage hooking system, during descent;
  • Water-jet cut Ergal 70 plates drop carriage , with central Ergal 70 made body , able to accept different drop masses with different shapes . Drop carriage weight 4 Kg;
  • Load cell holder made in 3 parts with cell preloading system;
  • Headform holder for EN 12492 tests ( required headform separately sold );
  • Anvils and impactors for EN 1621 / 1 /2  , Hemi anvil R 50 , Hemi anvil R 150 , Rectangular impactor 40X80 5 Kg and Kerbstone impactor . ( 4 pieces are supplied to be installed on the rod of drop carriage and on the load cell holder );
  • Clamping device  made by steel according to dimensions reported in of EN 20344;
  • Impactor mass made by C40 steel ,90° impact face with 3 mm radius,total mass with carriage Kg 20;
  • Electric motor  with pulley and encoder for carriages lift at preselected drop height;
  • Automatic recovering system of the impactor after the first shock to avoid second and further rebounding;
  • Complete electric plant protected by plastic  guides;
  • Complete pneumatic plant with filter and pressure gauges;
  • Speed control device with high frequency infrared photocell with display;
  • Mechanical finishing parts: triple zinc plated;
  • Overall dimensions without base: mm. 800 x800 x 3500; 
  • Weight: 250 kg. without base;
  • We can also manufacture equipment of smaller dimension , in case you do not have enough space in the height of the ceiling.


Scope of the device :

This machine can be used also for testing , using different accessories also according to EN 397 , 443 , 812 , EN 1621/1/2 and other standards that requires transmitted force system.