1076 MSS 1045 A/IV° Static chin strap test equipment

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Static chin strap test  equipment,fork with rollers method, pillar frame, linear actuator, load cell with display, electronic control with microprocessor, variable speed(DOT,JIS,EN)

Technical features: 

  • Frame made by steel painted square tubes 100X100X5 mm and 50X50X3 mm;
  • Other mechanical parts, made of zinc plated steel;
  • Linear actuator max 800 Kg, with electric motor, electric clutch and limit switches;
  • Size M ( 585mm ) according to EN 960 2006 PU resin cut headform included , all other headforms sizes available;
  • Fork with rollers  to fix the chin strap;
  • Helmet holder with cut headform and adjustable side slides;
  • Strain gauge load cell, with max load 500 Kg, steel made;
  • Load cell conditioning system;
  • NI card with actuators controlled by software installed on a PC driving all functions , all tests automatically performed , according to DOT , AS , EN 397,EN 812 , JIS . LVDT able to measure elongation and / or displacement . Tests results with sample ID can be printed;
  • Control box containing power supply and connection fixed to the frame of the machine;
  • Inverter installed on the machine frame , close to the electric motor;
  • Weight 90 Kg;
  • Dimensions mm 600 X 600 x 1500.