1115 HPG 1080 Compressed air cannon for baseball helmets

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Compressed air cannon for baseball helmets test, 80 m/sec with compressed air, up to 80 mm diam. and 700 grams shootable darts, fully automatic working ,controlled by PC

  • Frame made by ITEM aluminium profile;
  • Loading air pressure tank made by steel  with 10liters capacity;
  • Special shooting high speed opening valve , pneumatic cylinder actuated;
  • Half automatic system for balls loading , with shutter displacement by means of 2 pneumatic cylinders;
  • One of the following barrels of different diameter can be supplied;
  • Diam.78mm for baseball balls;
  • Diam.84mm for aluminium projectile;
  • Special barrels available on request;
  • Loading air pressure system with analog pressure gauge ( max pressure 10 bars ) connected to PC through Smart wheel;
  • Container for the area of ball impact made by alluminium of 4 mm thickness , with PC  window for shock inspection;
  • Two holders for the samples  supplied :sliding carriage with Nocsae headform and pendulum with standard Jis headform;
  • Wall made by wood with rebounding photocells for balls characterization;
  • Maximum speed up to 80 m/sec with 6 bars pressure;
  • The speed is recorded by the PC using a independent Smartwheel CPU and ADDON additional card and ADEngineering software;
  • Steel container made of steel with polycarbonate sheet window.

Shell and samples holder with locking system.