1116 HPG 1100 Compressed air cannon for testing tennis balls

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Compressed air cannon for testing tennis balls and tennis rackets, 100 m/sec with compressed air, balls up to 80 mm diam., fully automatic working ,controlled by PC

Technical features: 

  • Frame made by ITEM aluminium profiles;
  • Loading air pressure tank made by steel with 20 liters capacity;
  • Special shooting high speed opening valve , pneumatic cylinder actuated;
  • Totally automatic system for balls feeding and loading , with shutter displacement by means of 3 pneumatic cylinders and blower for balls lift;
  • Different barrels can supplied , mm 78 for tennis balls and mm 45 for badmington ball;
  • Container for the area of ball impact made by aluminium profiles and aluminium of 4 mm thickness , with polycarbonate window for shock inspection;
  • Tennis racquet positioning device with X-Y table driven by 3 phases motors with encoders for impact point set;
  • Frame holding tennis racket or 90° inclined angle wall available;
  • Software for automatic and sequence positioning definition;
  • Group of photocells for speed recording and speed rebounding for ball characterisation;
  • The speed and other data are recorded by the PC using an interface and a data card of National Instruments and AD Engineering software.