1117 HPG 1100 Compressed air cannon for testing golf clubs and golf balls

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Compressed air cannon for testing golf clubs and golf balls, 100 m/sec with compressed air, fully automatic working ,controlled by PC

  • Frame made by aluminium Item profiles 80 X 80 and 80X40 mm , dimension 2,8 meters length, height 2,5 meters around , diagonal beam are provided in order to make the structure more rigid without increasing the weight too much;
  • The cabinet that contain the impact area will be also easy to be separated by the  other part of the frame , because owing to the height ( 2,5 meters ) will be also not easy to be shipped . The cabinet will have a door with polycarbonate window and painted steel panels of 4 mm on the wall that do not need transparent windows . The upper part will have an opening in order to insert the handle of golf club inside the grip;
  • Another grip to fix the golf club head only will be provided with system of fixing actuated by multiple screws;
  • Wall for impact of the clubs made by steel with a mass of 50 Kg around;
  • Propelling system of the ball with tank of 10 liters with Pneumatic cylinder of 63 mm opening valve to discharge the pressure , the tank is integrated;
  • The system for ball recovering made with pneumatic system of propelling the balls up to the loading area , but there will be a rack in order to see and inspect the balls before they will be reloaded , some balls will be always available in the rack . A system with drawer will be used to load on ball each test in the launch chamber;
  • A device to grip the handle with pneumatic system is provided with movement up and down of 280 mm and side to side of 130 mm. Movement actuated with electric motor with small control panel on the right side of impact cabinet . This movement is independent by the PC working;
  • Two laser beam are provided to mark position of impact on the golf club head;
  • An additional device to grip the club head only.

Two system of measurement of the speed are present , a system is at the end of the barrel and another system is before the impact point in order to measure also the rebounding . The second system has 4 photocell for each barrier at a distance of 20 mm one from the other.