1144 A BDU 1013 Quick release buckle duration test

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Quick release buckle duration test combined equipment, pneumatic operated, microprocessor for travelling speed and other controls.

Technical features: 

  • Frame made by aluminium 40X160 and 40X80 mm ITEM profiles;
  • Buckle hooking actuated by pneumatic cylinder (30 X 100 mm);
  • Adjustable cylinder frequency between 0,5 and 2 Hz;
  • N. 3 microcylinders for opening the mechanism of different models buckle , adjustable in all positions;
  • N.6 different sets supplied for testing any common model of buckles;
  • Filter, pressure controller and capacity reducer installed in order to adjust the force and the frequency of movement of  the cylinders;
  • Alternative movement actuated by n. 4 - 5 ways- electro valves;
  • Four digits electronic counter where is possible to set the number of cycles to be executed- automatic stop at cycle end;
  • N. 2 timers for cylinders frequency setting;
  • Emergency stop, automatic and manual cycles command present;
  • The cylinder can be easily moved and adjusted in different positions, due to a particular shape of the aluminium profile;
  • Accessories such as 2Kg weight and sets of buckle holder supplied;
  • Power supply 220 V;
  • Dimensions mm 900 x 400 X 800;
  • Other facilities for different buckles are available.