1005 MAU 1002/2W/SLT - Twin wires shock absorption test equipment

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Twin wires shock  absorption test  equipment, sliding and oblique impact test ECE and FIA method A , steel plate base and  electric plant included, double steel column frame .

Technical features: 

  • Double column steel frame made by square welded steel pipes 140x140x5mm. painted,total frame height 8 meters;
  • Max drop height 6 meters (speed 11,8m/sec);
  • N°2 impact testing plates supplied,easily interchangeable;
  • Plate with 6 step grids made by grinded steel;
  • Smooth plate able to carry abrasive sand paper;
  • Two wires driving system with 3mm diameter,C70 steel cables with tightening system actuated with flat springs;
  • Lift carriage made by Ergal 70 and steel,with automatic releasing system actuated by means of two pneumatic cylinders;
  • Automatic hooking system of the drop carriage;
  • High hardness Ergal 70 CNC manufactured drop carriage;
  • N°2 pneumatic cylinders installed on both sides of the frame in order to brake the carriage after helmet impact;
  • Full safety protection cage made by aluminium profiles and aluminium + polycarbonate 3mm thickness plates;
  • Electric winch with pulley and encoder to be driven by inverter;
  • Complete electric power plant and pneumatic plant;
  • Speed control device with high frequency  infrared photocell  and laser diode emitter;
  • Overall dimensions without base:mm.900x1300x8200;
  • Weight 480 Kg.