1144 C BDU- MAD Combo Quick release buckle duration test and chin strap micro-slippage combined equipment

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Quick release buckle duration test and chin strap microslippage and abrasion tests combined equipment  , pneumatic operated, microprocessor for travelling speed and other controls.

Technical features:

  • Construction made by aluminium Item Profiles 160 X 80 mm and 40 X 80 mm
  • Movement actuated by two pneumatic cylinder ( bore of  30 mm and stroke of 100 and 50 mm  ) , horizontally assembled to drive  the for and aft  movement of the chin strap .
  • Filter , pressure controller , and capacity reducer in order to adjust the force and the frequency of the movement on the cylinders .
  • Limit switches on the cylinders , in order to adjust the strap stroke .
  • Alternative movement actuated by means of 4 independent 5 ways electrovalves , with electric switches .
  • Four digits electronic counter where is possible to set the number of cycles to be performed , with automatic stop when the set number is reached .
  • Emergency stop , automatic cycle and manual cycle  buttons.
  • Function controlled by Hitachi PLC with software made by AD Engineering .
  • Holders for the most common buckles supplied with the equipment including also abrasion device , roller and 2 kg mass .
  • All cylinders can be easily moved and adjusted in different position , in order to find the right working point and the stroke , due to a particular shape of the aluminium profile .
  • Power supply 220 V , but all the component are working in low tension ( 24 V ) for safety reason
  • Overall dimensions   mm. 1200 x 300 x 700.
  • Weight 30 kg