1148 CTE 1068 EL Compression resistance test equipment

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Compression resistance test equipment, with motor and inverter, load cell, display with weight and travelling indicator, Smartwheel microprocessor for driving equipment.

Technical features: 

  • Frame made by steel painted square tubes 50 X50 mm with steel stainless steel plate on the top. Other mechanical parts, made of zinc plated steel;
  • Linear actuator max force 800 Kg, with electric motor, electric clutch and limit switches;
  • Plate for helmet compression connected to liner actuator by means of two 30 mm diam , columns sliding on ball bushing;
  • Strain gauge load cell, with max load 1000 Kg, steel made with load cell conditioning system;
  • Microprocessor driving all functions , all tests automatically performed , according to ECE 22/05  and some EN (  443, 812 and 397. Control panel ( terminal ) for remote command with forward and backward , slow and fast and aut/ manual selector . The results of the test appear on the terminal display. RS 232 output to PC available;
  • LVDT able to measure elongation and / or displacement;
  • Electric plastic box containing all electronics devices including two cards with microprocessors ,  inverter , main switch, power supply and other devices;
  • Weight 120 Kg;
  • Dimensions mm 600 X 600 x 1300.