1150-2 ARC 1380 Shell friction and helmet projection test

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Shell friction and helmet projection test,  pneumatic operated, load cell included, lift of masses by winch operated by hand ,full side protection with transparent Polycarbonate sheets, headform included.

Technical features: 

  • Metal frame made by square welded steel tubes 50X50X3 mm. painted;
  • Carriage max drop height: 1.5 meters;
  • Two wires driving system with 3 mm. diam. C70 steel cables with tightening system;
  • Steel made drop  carriage, with a mass of 15 Kg., with connection to a 70 mm width polyester low elongation strap;
  • Lift  carriage with automatic releasing system, compressed air operated, with manual valve .Drop carriage automatic hooking system, during descent;
  • Complete pneumatic plant with filter and pressure gauges;
  • N. 2 bars for carriage sliding, diam. 25 mm made by steel and chromium plated;
  • Sliding carriage, with a mass of 5 Kg., supported by N. 4 ball bushing diam. 25 mm. connected to a 70 mm width polyester strap and with 6x25 mm bar;
  • Rollers for strap 80 mm diam. made by aluminium;
  • System for headform’s vertical force, actuated by a pneumatic cylinder 80 mm diam and link, with precision pressure gauge adjustment. A separated 5 litres tank gives constant pressure during the test;
  • N. 3 arms supplied with the equipment, to be used for different test position;
  • N. 1PU resin  headform, medium size supplied, that can be rotated in all positions;
  • Meter to adjust the drop height;
  • Electronic balance 4 digits with load cell supplied;
  • Mechanical finishing parts: painted and zinc plated;
  • Complete safety protection cage around the machine made by polycarbonate sheets and aluminium item profiles with single front door;
  • Overall dimensions: mm 2000x600x2200;
  • Weight 200 kg.

Equipment with automatic lift with motor available.