1160-2 UVX 1450 ROT_SINGLE Artificial ageing UV conditioning cabinet

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Artificial ageing UV conditioning cabinet with 450W  XBO Xenon lamp with power supply, frame and panels made by alu, inner dim. m 0,9 X 0,9 X 0,8 , contains up to 6 helmets or visors, vertically hang up , single rotation.

Technical features: 

  • Frame made by 40X40 mm aluminium Item profiles with 3 mm thickness aluminium sheet  on side panels;
  • Frame base made 50 X 50 mm square pipes epoxy painted steel;
  • Double  front door with  safety switches, cutting power when the doors are open;
  • Inside 100 mm diam. fan for cooling end exhausting system of the ozone;
  • Rotating carousel supporting either  # 6 fixed visors or helmet holders . All the holder are adjustable in the distance and height from the lamp irradiation center;
  • The carousel is moved by a 500 W electric motor ,controlled by inverter ( rotating speed can be adjusted from 0,5 up to 8 tours per minute ) , double gearbox , provided also speed reduction and support the carousel pivot;
  • Osram Xenon Lamp XBO 450 W or 150W assembled on a special aluminium vertical support with ceramic insulators and silicon heat resistant cables. ( lamp of 125 watt are not available since long time on the market , so in order to obtain equivalent radiation the current of power supply is reduced of 1/6th in order to obtain the same radiation );
  • Irem EX 30 G special variable current power supply for the lamp , 90 volt working tension , current to be adjusted by potentiometer up to 30 amps. ( other info available on request );
  • Electronic ignition high voltage transformer for lamp starting;
  • External control box with independent circuits ,  programmable timer up to one week, fuses and relay . This device provides to automatic ignition and switch off of the lamp according to the time to be set , manual/step/ continous rotation of the carousel, lamp hour working time;
  • Weights: frame and container Kg. 130, amplifier Kg.12;
  • Dimensions :mm 900 X 900  X 2100.