1180 B SSE 1064 Sand spray test abrasion equipment

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Sand spray test abrasion equipment for visor and lenses, frame made by aluminium and steel, direct drive motor with inverter, counter for rpm rotation with sensor and PLC.

Technical features : 

  • Equipment  manufactured according to the EN 167/168 and ECE22/05 standards;
  • Frame made by 80  X 80 mm and 40 X 80 Item aluminium profiles;
  • Tube for falling sand made by high thickness (10mm) PVC 120 mm diam. tubes;
  • Two sieves 1,6 mm mesh, made by nylon , are interposed between the tubes;
  • Funnel for sand charging and container for sand recovering made by plastic;
  • Jet for sand discharging made by brass;
  • Cover and box container for falling sand made in stainless steel;
  • Sample holder ( drum shape )  made by galvanized steel  and removable for an easy samples installation;
  • Drum rotating at 250 t.p.m. through three phases 4 poles electric motor, with direct drive transmission and Inverter able to set the speed;
  • A PLC with LCD display shows the rpm recorded every 60 seconds , by means of a proximity installed on the motor fan;
  • The equipment is supplied with 100 Kg of sand ready to use ( around 320 test are possible with the supplied sand );
  • Overall dimensions   mm. 400 x 500 x 2500;
  • Weight 55 kg.

Scope of the device : 

Equipment for testing the resistance of deteriorated against spray of sand quartz according to EN 168.