1181-1 APL 1107 Resistance to fogging ocular test equipment

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Resistance to fogging ocular test  equipment, laser source, heating system, set of lenses, mirrors and photo detector, including PC and software.( EN 168 , ECE 22/05)

Technical features: 

  • Frame made by 40X40 and 40X160 hard aluminium ITEM profiles;
  • Water container made by stainless steel (provided with drain plug);
  • Two lids, made by black anodized aluminium, close the sample area and the heating system area;
  • Inner ventilation system with small fan, external motor driven with belt;
  • Heating system with pump, 2 Kw installed power, precision on temperature +/- 0,1°C;
  • Adjustable sample holder, easy interchangeable.( one sample holder supplied for flat and spherical sample , other shapes available on request );
  • Mirror holder made by black anodised aluminium alloy. Sealing O-ring and clamp ring, mirror heating system (in order to avoid fogging on mirror itself) using a 25 Watts low voltage electric resistance. The power supply cables are protected and insulated;
  • Adjustable mirror holder (in order to have the laser beam vertical return) using three screws with stainless steel springs;
  • Automatic shutter, made by a nylon slide, opening the passage to the mirror, electric motor actuated;
  • Optical components;
  • Solid state 10 mW laser, with pin hole and 10X  parallel beam expander (10 mm diam.);
  • Laser square mirror 35X35 mm;
  • Beam splitter 50/50;
  • Biconvex 200mm efl lens (ES USA);
  • Silicon detector 110 sq.mm Centronics, with 10 mm diam diaphragm and beam diffuser;
  • All the component, as above described, are provided with holders;
  • Electronics devices;
  • Inside an steel and aluminium case the following components are installed;
  • Circuit driving the photoreceptor with power supply and amplifier;
  • Resistance power supply;
  • Laser power supply;
  • Smartwheel  SMD Microprocessor connected to the PC via serial port driving automatic operations;
  • Personal computer:
    • PC with Dual core 2 duo or other available CPU 2,8 Ghz (or superior), 4 Gb RAM , HD 500 Gb or superior, DVD/CD rom 56X, floppy 3,5”, 19” LCD flat colour monitor, English keyboard. (The features of PC can be changed without notice, owing to rapid hardware evolution)
    • Software
    • Original software developed by AD Engineering
    • The software is using the operative system Windows XP,Windows 7 or 8with original licence;
  • Full scale setting;
  • Maximum value with full light;
  • Minimum value without light;
  • Continuous display of the detected light in real time, , refreshing time 0,05 seconds;
  • Automatic starting of measure after the pressure of start button and after the opening of the shutter, with  programmable time via software (usually 0,5 seconds);
  • Automatic time measure : the software calculates (in real time) the time necessary to the light to be reduced to the 80% of the initial value. Precision 0,01 seconds;
  • Automatic recording of the data (stored on the HD) after each test;
  • Output in Excel format;
  • Three main languages to be selected ( English , French and Italian, German language available if the customer will supply translation );
  • Other languages  easy to be installed (original Windows version is necessary;
  • Data printing software with full samples identification;
  • Software features;
  • Extremely rapid in all the operations;
  • Extremely flexible and easy customisable;
  • Compatibility with all printers using Windows XP options;
  • Other features according to requests of EN 168 standard;
  • General features;
  • Single phase 220/240 volts 50/60 cycles only required;
  • Overall dimensions: L X W X H  mm. 940 X 500  X 700;
  • Space required for installation: desk with minimum dimensions 150 X 70 cm;
  • Weight Kg. 34 without PC and demineralised water (13 liters required).

Scope of the device : 

Equipment for testing the resistance to fogging on oculars according to EN 168.