1181-2 APL TWIN Resistance to fogging test equipment

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Resistance to fogging test  equipment for diving mask and Ski goggles, Double laser source, heating system, set of lenses, mirrors and photo detector, Antrophom. Headform stereolitography , withi PC and software.

Technical features: 

  • Frame made by 80 X 80 mm aluminium profiles length 1,7 meters around , width 0,6  meters and height 1,4 around;
  • The frame support the headform , the steam generator container , the water conditioning tank , the optical components and the other electronics devices;
  • Antropomorphic headform made by Nylon obtained by stereolitography , anthropomorphic shape , , size  58 cm , shape according to EN 960 and EN 168 , with nose. The headform can be then covered with a thin layer of leather or cotton , in order to simulate real skin. A series of micro holes are provided on the surface of the head in order to allow and simulate the perspiration . Inner chamber inside the head to be used for circulation of steam that will create the fogging of the mask . Duct , thermally insulated  , with connections to outside steam generator. Hot water temperature sensor ( inside the bath). The headform is manufactured in two parts in order to allow the installation of mechanical and optical components inside . In the area where there are the eyes ,two holes diam 25-30 mm are provided for the light beam passage . This area will be the testing area using two lasers beam of around 14 mm diameter  . Two mirrors are provided inside the head with heating system ( in order to avoid fogging ) and adjusting system ( in order to reflect the beam in a  perpendicular direction ) , The mirrors inside the head ( diam 30/40 mm ) are fixed on aluminium plates independently adjustable by means of 3 screws , kept in position by springs . The haedform is also provide with nose and mouth duct connection in order to simulate the human physiology . The headform is supported by a rigid frame composed by two rings and 4 columns also connected;
  • Heating system of the head  with  GTR 2000 , 2 Kw installed power with pump for water circulation and separated stainless steel tank;
  • Steam generator made by stainless steel using FAPA 2 Kw heating system and compressed air. The air rate  and pressure can be adjusted and checked by means of a the supplied flux meter. Ducts are provided for to the transportation of the steam inside the head;
  • The measurement of the transparency is actuated by the recording of the light that passes two times through the lens of the sample under test using a calculation procedure similar to that one described in the standards EN 167-168 . The light is generated by 2 10 mW 635 nm lasers with beam expander of 15 mm of diameter . directed up to the eyes area  of  the head . The light arrives to the test area by means of a system of mirrors and go back to the sensors by means of two beam splitters and  convex lenses . In order to avoid fogging of the lenses closing the test area , the eyes holes are provided with small circular glasses also heated . N. 2 Centronics  silicon detector with surface of  110 mm2 , located in aluminium and nylon case , mat glass diffuser and 10 mm diaphragm , for signal integration ,are used for light recording  .All components  ( not including mirror fixed on to the head ) are assemble on an aluminium support . A protection against light  will be installed in order to cover the optical components . A shutter closing the test area is not actually necessary;
  • All necessary on board circuits and electric plant in order to control all functions of the machine are supplied;
  • Dual Core Duo PC or superior , original Windows XP Pro Licence ( or windows 7/8 ) , LCD 19”  , displaying test data , connected via USB port to Smartwheel microprocessor   , original AD software calculating ad showing initial double luminous flux ,  luminous flux percentage , real time flux , percentage flux from test starting  test , time from the beginning of the test , real time calculation of the percentage of flux over the fixed limit , storing data of the tests , output in Excel file of data , printing in Excel format;
  • Small wind generator Eiffel type with testing area of 30 cm of diameter, contraction ratio 6:1 , wind speed 18m/sec ( 50 – 60 km/hour ) total required flow 0,9 mc/sec ( around 3000 mc/hour ) , fan diameter 400-450 mm, rpm 1400 , 2 phases electric motor 2 Kw  , honeycomb net to rectify air swinging. The speed can be varied by the help of an inverter controlled by a separated panel .  Motor , Fan , contractor , honeycomb , nets ad related electronics are assembled on a separated aluminium frame in order to avoid vibrations to the  main APL structure;
  • Dimensions L X W XH   in mm 1.800 X 1.900 X 600 , weight around  Kg 150.

Scope of the device : 

Equipment for testing the resistance to fogging with antrophom.headform on diving mask and ski goggles.