1182 CPR 1106 Resistance against large dust particles test equipment

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Resistance against large dust particles test equipment, stainless steel cabinet with sight glass door, high pressure fan, reflectometer and Smartwheel microprocessor. 

Technical features: 

  • Chamber made by stainless steel with sealed front door provided with a glass;
  • High speed and pressure fan with 1,5 kw 3 phases motor with inverter in order to adjust speed and pressure;
  • Headform made by Silicon rubber and Alu core supplied;
  • Recycling powder closed loop;
  • Control panel with timers and command for fan starting;
  • Reflectometer with Hg vapour UV lamp , collimation lens , Centronics 100 Sqmm photorecptor , low noise amplifier with operational circuit and measuring unit ( digital voltage meter with LCD display) (the output can be also connected to a pc).


Scope of the device : 

Equipment for testing the resistance against large dust particles according to EN 168.