1183 MMC 1108 Molten metal test equipment

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Molten metal test equipment  including silite stick 1450°C furnace, crucibles and pneumatic operated ejecting system with safety enclosure.

Technical features: 

The equipment is composed by two units: 

1- Furnace with silite rods able to heat iron balls , grey iron or aluminium up to melting point of 1450°C.

( this last temperature only for grey Iron )

  • These furnaces are composed of two separate units;
  • Heating unit: contains a furnace with heat insulation (made of acid-proof aluminous refractory and micro-porous insulating refractory material) to obtain minimum heat dispersion, a pad cover is provided. The heating unit has silite rods on both sides of the furnace;
  • Power unit: composed of a transformer with multiple outlets and a five-way switch to compensate for heating element wear;
  • Temperature is controlled by a digital microchip control device combined with a platinum and rhodium thermocouple with ceramic sheath;
  • Crucibles and other accessories necessary for testing are supplied;
  • Silite furnace need 3 phases power supply of 10 Kw.

 2- Propulsion equipment ,

  • Frame made by N. 4 , 30mm steel columns connection two heavy discs made by steel;
  • Propulsion equipment actuated using a 60 mm pneumatic cylinder with big 5 ways valve;
  • Site for crucible made by steel and fixed on the top of the cylinder rod;
  • Mass to block the sample made by steel;
  • Complete made by steel cabinet for protection;
  • Remote control for safety purpose;
  • ( for this test total body protection suit  against hot temperature is strongly recommended ).

Scope of the device : 

Equipment for testing the resistance against molten metal splash on oculars according to EN 168.