1188-2 OBP 1046 Equipment for testing the refractive and astigmatic powers

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Equipment for testing the refractive and astigmatic powers, telescope 27X able to be focused with stepper motor driven grid target, rotating samples holder, automatic results calculation on a PC (supplied) laser beam for difference of astigmatic powers.

Technical features : 

  • Holder beam made by  ITEM aluminium profile 80X80 heavy series, 5,4 m. total  length. The beam is divided in two parts for an easier shipment, with two aluminium plates for a safe and straight connection;
  • N. 4  beam holder ( with adjustable in the height feet )made by 60X60 square epoxy painted steel tubes;
  • 26X20 telescope with Orion eyepiece, with focusing device and cross grid;
  • Motorized focusing telescope device, coupled to an electronic miniature high power stepper motor, resolution 0,0127 mm;
  • Variable resistance for displacement measuring;
  • Adjustable samples holder, with large size aluminium ring with adjustable clamps;
  • Target illuminated by LED lamp, forced cooling system with fan with diffuser and Interference green filter;
  • Target with grid made by anodized aluminium;
  • Device for clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation of the target through a small electric motor with gearbox;
  • 2mw laser diode with holder, with 1 mm pin hole and 25 mm diam, 50 mm efl achromatic lens;
  • 3 holes diaphragm with 32 mm distance between holes with lens holder. Additional rotating ring with smaller distance for testing small glasses with 80 mm dia. 1000 mm efl. Achromatic lens;
  • Screen made by white painted aluminium as laser target;
  • Lenses holders, columns, columns base and fixing rings made by black anodized Anticorodal;
  • Aluminium box with commands, switches and 12V power supply;
  • AD original Smartwheel II microprocessor and original AD software for motor driving, data acquisition and transmission;
  • Set of  six  calibration lenses of different powers (+/- 0,06,  +/- 0,12 , +/-  0,25  diopters) supplied;
  • RS 232 output  for connection to the PC;
  • Software for data acquisition and results calculation;
  • Required power supply : 230-240 V, 50Hz;
  • Overall dimensions m: 5,2 x 0,6 X 1,5;
  • Weight: Kg 120.

Scope of the device : 

Equipment for testing the refractive and astigmatic powers on lenses and glasses according to EN 167.

Equipment for determinate spherical effect, astigmatism and prismatic effect for eye protectors for vehicle users according to BS 4110.