1191 LDM 1060 A PLUS Light diffusion test basic method

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Light diffusion test basic method, 75 W xenon lamp source, light spot 9 mm diam, silicon photo detector, fully automatic, commands, operation, calculation by PC and Smartwheel.

Technical features:       

  • On a steel honeycomb table ( dim. 600 X 900 mm ) with working surface , all the optical components are assembled , including a Xenon light source and the photoreceptor;
  • The honeycomb table top is mounted on a aluminium frame manufacture using high quality Item profiles;
  • The following parts are set up on to the table top:
    • Xenon lamp : composed by a Osram XBO 150 W lamp , ES parabolic mirror ,socket , electronic interface , housing and an IREM EX 30 G power supply unit;
  • Optical components:
    • N.1  concave mirror  H1  diam 2" efl . = 100 mm
    • N.2  concave mirrors H2 and  H3  diam 2"  efl. =200 mm
    • N.2  flat pyrex mirrors 40 mm. diam
    • Acromatic lens  2" diam. efl. = 200 mm
    • Anular diaphragm (BR) diam. ext. 21mm inn. 15,75 mm
    • Circular iris adjustable diaphragm from  1 up to 8,5 mm
    • N. 2 Circular iris adjustable diaphragm from  2 up to 36 mm
    • Assembling optical parts kit composed by several lenses and mirrors holders , with combination pillars and pillar pins
    • Assembling part as  carriers , micropositioning optical components holders and other devices;
  • Honeycomb table top , made by ferromagnetic stainless steel , array of M6 tapped holes with 25 mm grid spacing;
  • Hamamatsu high sensitivity photoreceptor 100 square mm. , assembled inside an aluminium housing; 
  • Special photopic filter installed in front of the photoreceptor;
  • Attenuation filters to be used to reduce or increase testing light;
  •  +/- 12 volts high precision linear power supply;
  • Measuring device using HP professional high precision multimeter with 8 and ½ digits , connected via USB to the PC:
    • Measurement system and software installed on a PC with 19” LCD colour monitor and keyboard
    • Custom made control microprocessor with USB communication , for data recording from photoreceptor and data transmitting to the the PC
    • Micropositioning high precision stepper motors ( 2 ) for diaphragm and sample totally automatic positioning.


  • The software is uses the operative system Windows XP or 7;
  • The software developed directly by our engineers and dedicated to the light diffusion  test has the following main functions;
  • Immediate calculation of diffusion before abrasion;
  • Immediate calculation of diffusion after abrasion;
  • Immediate calculation of the light transmittance;
  • Graphic scale continuously showing the detected light;
  • The formula of the calculations are already installed;
  • Each measure T0,T1,T2 are recorded when ready , by pressing some function key;
  • The final calculation is automatic , giving the enter command;
  • All data are displayed on colour monitor in different colours;
  • Gain selection and transducer sensitivity selection via software;
  • Automatic or not  recording of the data ( stored on the HD ) after each test;
  • Possibility of really complete description of the sample under test including;
  • Progressive test number , date of the test , customer identification , batch identification , sample identification , data with the 3 results of the test;
  • Three main languages to be selected ( English , French and Italian );
  • Other languages  easy to be installed (original Windows version is necessary );
  • Printing possibility of the data with company logo ,and all data and information displayed on the screen.

Software features:

  • Extremely rapid in all the operations;
  • Extremely flexible and easy customizable;
  • Compatibility with all printers using Windows options;
  • Totally automatic test with command only from PC.

Hardware features:

  • Lenses cover devices to avoid interference with ambient light;
  • Possibility of testing all kind of lenses including dark and tinted filters;
  • Variable Testing area using iris diaphragm;
  • Testing lenses calibrated in reference lab supplied;
  • Dimensions mm. 900 X 600 X 1300 ( table included ).


Scope of the device : 

Equipment for testing the diffusion and transmitted light on dark lenses and glasses according to EN 167.