1192 B LDM 1060 C Light diffusion test simplified C method

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Light diffusion test simplified C method, laser source, light spot 3 mm diam, silicon photodetector, fully automatic commands, operation, calculation by PC and Smartwheel CPU.

Technical features : 

  • Holder base made by aluminium plate of high thickness;
  • Laser source 1mW, diam. 0,6/1 mm., with stabilized linear power supply 24 V DC (version with special high power laser up to 30mW available);
  • Laser holder with integrated beam expander made using  ES 20 mm. efl and ES 60mm efl biconvex lenses, circular pin hole (0,1 mm) with adjustable centre holder actuated by N.3  M4 screws;
  • Sample holder able to accommodate n. 2 40 mm diameter samples with servo-stepper-motor for the movement of abraded and not abraded samples . Sample holder can be oriented;
  • Annular diaphragm and circular diaphragm are assembled on a shiftable support with holders. Servo -stepper-motor with driving system for automatic movement of the diaphragms, resolution 1 step, 0,0127 mm;
  • 200 mm efl biconvex lens with holder;
  • Adjustable diffusion screen with Centronics Photoreceptor 100 sq/mm., assembled inside an aluminium housing. Diffusion screen adjustable in the distance from the photoreceptor;
  • Linear power supply +- 12 volts , measurement circuit with operational high precision amplifier, 24 bit A/D converter);
  • AD original card with ADDON and Smartsensor cards with microprocessor and original AD software for motor driving, data acquisition and transmission;
  • All lenses holders, columns, columns base and fixing rings are made by black anodized Anticorodal and cromium plated steel;
  • USB output  for connection to the PC (a PC with LCD flat screen is supplied).

Software for data acquisition and results calculation:

  • Required power supply: 230-240 V, 50Hz;
  • Overall dimensions meters : 0,8 x 0,4X 0,3;
  • Weight: Kg 18.


Scope of the device : 

Equipment for testing the diffusion light on coaly clear lenses and glasses according to EN 167.