1193 LDM 1060 B AFN Light diffusion test simplified B method

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Light diffusion test simplified B method, halogen light source,light spot 9 mm diam,
silicon photodetector, manual operation, results calculation with supplied Excel data sheet.

Technical features: 

  • Halogen lamp 20W with power supply 24 V DC;
  • Diam. 1,5 mm adjustable pin hole;
  • Flat convex condenser efl. 70 mm;
  • Fixed diaphragm diam. 9 mm;
  • Samples holder;
  • Biconvex   efl. 200 mm , 2 " diam. lens;
  • Annular 28/ 34mm diam diaphragm, shiftable out of the light beam with mechanical system, hand operated;
  • Diffusion screen; 
  • Lenses holders;
  • Special photopic filter, receiving the visible light only;
  • Centronics Photoreceptor 100 sq.mm, assembled inside an aluminium housing,  linear  +12 volts power supply, measurement circuit with high precision amplifier, Smartwheel microprocessor with serial port  for data transmission to the PC ( supplied );
  • The two zones of the equipment are covered by fibreglass carters;
  • Dimensions  mm. 160 X 800 X 250  (instrument to be used on a table).


Scope of the device:

Equipment for testing the diffusion light on coaly clear lenses according to EN 167.