1196 MFR 1800 Equipment for endurance test of the glasses frame

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Equipment for endurance test of the glasses frame and temple arms resistance.

Equipment features: 

  • Base made by anodized alumnium , thickness 10 mm;
  • Aluminium rails made by Item profiles mm 80x16 used to change positions of the holder;
  • Electric motor with gearbox and inverter in order to adjust rotating speed;
  • Start and stop buttons with Panasonic LCD 4 digits counter for automatic stop;
  • Separated command for low speed wheel and temple arm vice positioning;
  • Universal double  joint  with vices for glasses;
  • Frame bridge holder and vices adjustable in all positions;
  • Possibility to check right and left temple arms;
  • Frame with 4 rubber pad to avoid vibration and balance the equipment;
  • Dimensions mm 600 X 600 X 350;
  • Weight Kg 14.