1197 DRB 1836 Equipment for testing the resitance of the bridge frame of the glasses

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Equipment for testing the resistance of the bridge frame of the glasses.

Equipment features: 

  • Frame made by 10 mm thickness anodized aluminium;
  • Vertical column 20 and 14 mm diam with holder adjustable in the height;
  • Glasses lens blocking system with pneumatic micro cylinder diameter 16 mm and stroke 15 mm;
  • Pessure regulator with dial gauge to adjust the force blocking the lens;
  • Lower and upper stops for frame deformation;
  • Glasses holder with variable inclination;
  • Deformation value measured by digital caliper;
  • Weight speed descente controlled by a pneumatic cylinder and adjustable in the speed value;
  • Micrometer provided to measure the distance between lens and pressure peg;
  • Control box with command up and down driving the electrovalve thatmove down the cylinder and the pressure peg;
  • Timer for pressure time selection , after the descent the pressure peg automatically returns to the original position;
  • N° 4 rubber anti shock support for put equipment in line on the table;
  • Dimensions mm 600 X 250 X 400;
  • Weight Kg 8.