1198 LVRP 12311Equipment for testing local variations of refractive power of sunglasses

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Equipment for testing local variations of refractive power of sunglasses , according to ISO 12311. Laser source, light spot 5 mm diam, 5 silicon photodetector, fully automatic commands, operation, calculation by PC and Smartwheel CPU.

Technical features: 

  • Holder base made by aluminium ITEM profiles  and alumnium  plates of high thickness;
  • Laser source 5mW, wavelength of 650 nm ,  diam. 0,6/1 mm., with stabilized linear power supply 24 V DC;
  • Laser holder with integrated beam expander made using  ES 20 mm. efl and ES 100 mm efl biconvex lenses, circular pin hole (0,1 mm ) with adjustable centre holder actuated by N.3  M4 screws , expanded beam diameter 5 mm;
  • Sample holder able to accommodate up to 50 mm diameter samples;
  • X - Y table able to be driven by two stepper motors in order to describe a spiral movement . The command are given by the software that gives to the motors the coordonates necessary to describe a spiral track with the required tolerances;
  • Drivers of stepper motors thrugh AD Engineering cards Smartwheel 2 TM and ADDON TM;
  • Two mirrors  are used in order to make a beam path of around 1,25 meters;
  • Sensor with 5 photodiode sensitive elements , dimensions 20 X 20 mm each one with connection according to the standard , able to detect the direction of the beam;
  • RS 232 output  for connection to the PC (a PC with LCD flat screen is supplied);
  • Software for design and print the drawing of the spiral on the screen and then printing it . All the info concerning the test can be input in the software and of course printed;
  • The drawing of the spiral is sinchronized to the movement of XY table in order to have correspondance between points of spiral and position of the beam in the same point on the silicon detector;
  • Linear power supply +- 12 volts , measurement circuit with operational high precision amplifier, 24 bit A/D converter);
  • All lenses holders, columns, columns base and fixing rings are made by black anodized Anticorodal and cromium plated steel:
    • Required power supply: 230-240 V, 50Hz
    • Overall dimensions meters : 0,9 x 0,65 X 0,4
    • Weight: Kg 16,5.