1203 LTB 1079/3L/PLUS Table for tracking points of impact

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Table for tracking points of impact on the helmets with 3 lasers adjustable in the height and position, sliding headform stand, sliding stand for one laser with reference meters.

Technical features: 

  • Frame made by steel painted square tubes 50 X50 mm with steel stainless steel plate on the top. Other mechanical parts, made of zinc plated steel;
  • Holder for lasers made by anodized aluminium and sliding on  40x40 and 80 X40 Item aluminium profiles;
  • N. 3 lasers with collimation lenses 24 volts power supply included;
  • Headform holder made by steel, revolving with steps of 45°;
  • Side arm horizontally sliding for tracking horizontal points;
  • Additional inclined arm for tracking inclined lines;
  • Headform tilting back and for and sliding on aluminium plate with PTFE sheet;
  • Electric plastic box containing  main switch and 24 V DC, power supply;
  • Weight 70 Kg;
  • Dimensions mm 700 X 700 x 1800.