1214 MPS 2700 Equipment for testing alpine ski and snowboard

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Equipment for testing alpine ski and snowboard, low temperature conditioning -30°C, alternative an torsion movement available, 3 load cells, data output on PC.

Equipment features: 

  • Higly insulated refrigerator cabinet with 8cm thickness panels ,stainless steel inside made;
  • Min enviromnent temperature: -30°C-;
  • Maximum oscillation frequency: 6 Hz;
  • Max oscillation amplitude: +/-120 mm;
  • Adjustable ski support on aluminium rails;
  • Devices for torsion test of the ski adjustable between +/-30°;
  • Three electronic load cells with display able to measure load and torsion with RS 232 output;
  • Software on PC able to display and record  the loads and torsion in real time;
  • 3 Kw electric motor controlled by inverter;
  • Inner dimensions: m 2,4X0,7;
  • Overall dimension m 2,7X0,9X2,2;
  • Weight Kg 650.