1186-2 RIG 1112 S Resistance to ignition on oculars test equipment

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Technical feautures:

  • Base made by aluminium beam Item 160 X 40 dimensions mm 320 X 600 
  • Bunsen multigas burner , modified for EN 168 ignition test
  • Column holding the hot rod made using a pneumatic cylinder with guide , driven by a two positions 5 ways electrovalve 
  • Holder for the hot rod with ceramic insulator 
  • Hot rod made by stainless steel with thermocouple and thermoregulator able to work up to 900°C
  • Pneumatic cylinder actuationg the colum rotation between Bunsen burner and sample , driven by a two positions 5 ways electrovalve 
  • PLC for fully automatic cycle when the temperature is reached 
  • Active carbon with forced ventilation hood , 1,5 Kw electric motor , dimensions mm 800 X 670 X 1.150 to be placed on a table
  • Weight 50 Kg including hood